Sunday, March 29, 2009

Texas & Tokyo Police Club

This was a part of the tour I was really looking forward to. And I have to say, it was as thrilling as I imagined it to be. We played six shows opening for Tokyo Police Club in and around Texas with another great Toronto band called Ruby Coast. Keep your eye on Ruby Coast; They're fun.

Tokyo Police Club has been one of my favorite bands for the past two years. If you had told me I'd be going on tour with them and hanging out with them for a week, I wouldn't believe you. They are cool dudes, and really exciting to watch night after night.

We played the Harvest of Hope festival in St, Augustine FL, then travelled to New Orleans, Houston, McCallen TX, San Antonio, Dallas, and Omaha. Just as we started to feel cozy, the tour was over, and time to head back to Austin for SXSW.

Catch the SXSW entry next!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

West Coast - Spring 2009

Towards the end of February, flights brought us together in Seattle for a string of dates down the west coast playing with openers Cut Off Your Hands from New Zealand, and Telekinesis from Seattle.

I'm inclined to tailor a few of these entries a bit more like a photo-blog... but heres a little bullet list of what we did for these west coast dates:

- Barsuk dinner party at Josh Rosenfeld's lovely home
- Unnecessary Canadian border search
- Vancouver show
- Scenic ferry ride to Victoria, BC
- Show in Victoria
- More unnecessary Canadian border hold ups
- Day off in Seattle
- Expensive trip to Whole Foods and decadent fancy-beer tasting
- Portland show at the Doug Fir Lounge
- Hours of violent sprees playing GTA4 in the van (our Dodge Sprinter was pretty tricked out)
- Seattle show
- San Francisco Noise Pop Festival, show at The Independent
- 800 capacity sellout show at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles
- Visit with the Princeton boyz
- San Diego college show
- Savory dinner at The Linkery
- Studio performance for KCRW - "Morning Becomes Eclectic"
- Costa Mesa show
- Return to LA to perform on Craig Fergusen
- Flights back east

Be sure to check out my little video on this segment too. its got some cool time lapse segments that I pulled off with a handy tripod.
'Till Texas.