Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Atlanta - Laundry, Performance, and Elevator Riding

I apologize again for any dedicated fans who were hoping for a few timely last entries. The tour is in fact over now that I'm writing this, but I'm gona break the remainder of the journey into three parts.

We left off in the travels to Atlanta, where we got to stay for two days because of a day off. Our hotel sported a giant open lobby, with Star-Wars like elevators that accelerated up and down through openings in the ceiling on each floor. We were heavily amused by this, and also the set of elevators that rode along the outside of the building. We spent that night merely hanging out in the hotel rooms, watching the office, the daily show, playing on our laptops. Things like that. The following morning, Gabe, Mat and myself went to a local Atlanta laundromat to wash our dirty clothes in some real nice industrial grade washers. Only these washers could get the job done.

By that night, we had loaded into the Drunken Unicorn. The bar was a bit deceiving to find, for there was literally no sign above the venue doors. I guess you either knew or didn't know where the venue was. Regardless, it was packed. I wanna venture to say that it sold out too... but I'm not sure. This show, interestingly, had some of the most intense audience members on the tour. They were wild for Ra Ra Riot; and for the first show the whole tour, the band played two songs in the encore. But most of the band didn't know this would happen. They actually plotted to play "Everest" off their self-titled EP to change things up for the first time on the tour. It was great of course, but immediately at the last attack that ends "Everest," Gabe launched into the drum beat for their classic encore tune, "Hounds of Love." The band's semi suprised/terrified glaces at Gabe suddenly turned to smiles. Gabe is clever like that.

We rode back in the van to the hotel, where Wes hilariously taunted Mat with a wad of many hundreds of merch-dollars; all while singing "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. Watch the video below. Andrew from Walter Meego came up to join us in the hotel, and challenged our hotel to their hotel (across the street) in an intense-elevator contest. We swore by our elevator's coolness, but apparently the one across the street was out of this world. And it was. I'll let the video do the talking below...

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  1. Atlanta has always been one of my favorite cities. I hope you guys had a chance to explore Virginia Highlands.

    Great video, by the way. I loved Wes slapping Mat in the face with money. Haha.



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