Saturday, April 11, 2009


SXSW Activities Recap. I think this is somewhat accurate... its a very homogenous experience and hard to sort out what happened which day. But a blast nonetheless!

DAY 1:

- Thursday night arrival
- Caught Dirty Projectors at the Emo's Annex
- Somehow took an hour to attain street vendor food
- Ran into 15 people we knew within 15 feet of walking
- Mathieu goes to the hospital because of a worsening chest pain
- Walked to a fake address to find the "Playboy Party"
- Found the real address, and took a cab there
- It was lame.
- Josh Milo and I are forcefully handed $20 each from a crazy girl desperate for our passes to that party... ?
- Run into more friends. It never ends.
- End up at an after-party at a Dillard hotel suite

DAY 2:

- Mathieu learned from his hospital visit that he is okay, just has a strained muscle and not a life threatening heart ailment.
- Went to a free lunch/gifting event
- Went to the Fader Fort to get some Levi's stuff
- Load in at Radio Room for Ra Ra Riot's first show at SXSW
- Run into my buddies Elizabeth Dilk, André and Liz Anjos, and some cool kids we met from our recent McCallen, Texas show
- I go to the Verizon store because my phone has decided to stop working. Good timing, right?
- Hang out with the Princeton boys
- Go to see Princeton play at Maggie Mae's
- Walk around a bunch
- BBQ dinner at Stubb's
- Back to Maggie Mae's to see Au Revoir Simone
- Throw a bit of a party afterwards at the hotel

DAY 3:

- Ra Ra Riot play at the Rachel Ray party
- We get awesome food and vouchers for free Crocs
- Go to the Myspace/Spin Party and get some free shoes
- Load in to The Parish for Ra Ra Riot's performance at the Barsuk Showcase
- Back to the hotel to rest up, get ready for the show
- Head to the Parish, play an amazing set at 1am
- Wes chats with Drew Barrymore after the show for a sizeable amount of time
- We wander to some party, but ultimately decide to head back to the hotel to call it a wrap

The next entry will briefly take you through the rest of this leg of the tour, playing some more of middle America. There will be the best Ra Ra Ra fight scene yet too. And yes Mat is the victim of excruciating violence, again.

thank you, come again.

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