Thursday, May 14, 2009

DCFC Tour #3

Here we are in the end of the April Death Cab For Cutie tour. This entry actually spans quite a length of time, I think starting around when we were in Michigan. Geographically, that means that this covers 3/4 of the travelling we did on this tour. I must also note that one of those drives was from San Diego to Austin in 24 hours. *pat on the back*

All in all, this tour was fantastic. We cannot thank Death Cab enough, and reallllly look forward to touring more with them in July!


  1. Andrew,
    Having a ton a fun reading through the blog. Really glad to find it and even gladder you put up awesome pictures and vids! China says hi. (The country, not the person)

  2. Andrew Maury! Please update this!


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