Monday, September 8, 2008

Canada - Shows and Thieves!

Our first leg of Canada entailed the tour kickoff show at Club Lambi in Montreal, followed by a double header day in Toronto: Performing an MTV Canada broadcast in a "concert" studio/hall in the afternoon and a wild show at the Horseshoe Tavern at night. 

The MTV performance was a live broadcast of "Ghost Under Rocks", followed by the taping of "Can You Tell" and "Dying Is Fine" for later airing. The stage was massive and elaborate, and on screen it looked like an awards show set with a large audience.

The show that night was absolutely packed and crazy. Dave Monks, Graham Wright, and Greg Alsop of Tokyo Police Club came out for the night to see their buddies play, and stuck around after for a few drinks. All-in-all, the Canadaian performances were fantastic. But we had some bumps along the way.

After the first show, we realized that our Tom Tom GPS unit was stolen from the van along with Gabe's video camera and Milo's dopp kit. God knows there are thousands who long to own Milo Bonacci's contacts, shaving cream, and toothbrush. Our travels to Toronto also welcomed us with an attempted prying and opening of the passenger door keyhole during the 10 minutes spent inside the venue for load in... most likely by the twice-confirmed crack den occupants next door. It was a pleasant sequel to the band's robbery of 5 laptops last tour in Montreal. Without any offense to Canada's peaceful reputation or their amazing fans at the shows, we are unfortunately not feeling the love from the nation at large. Maybe next time; The show must go on. We somehow justified the death of Tom Tom with the birth of a new Garmin GPS unit, which is now customized to display a pizza slice, chipotle burrito, or flying eagle as the vehicle icon, installed from by Alexandra Lawn herself. What a techie.

Our next blog-trip will take you to Jamestown, Rochester, and Syracuse. Keep in touch.

Also check out our remix of Tokyo Police Club's "Juno" that spilled its way into the internet this weekend:


  1. you lucky son of a gun!
    those photos are sickkkk

    - parker


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