Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New York Pt. 1

By the time of that third robbery attempt, it was well decided that we were bound for the US as soon as possible. So, to Niagra Falls, just inside the border. It was definitely one of those disorienting nights, where you leave the venue at 2am, fall asleep on the floor behind the 2nd bench in the van, wake up with heightened senses to a gas nozzle slamming into the metal right next to your head. You fall asleep again, and wake up outside a hotel, slug your crap inside, and go to bed... again. what?

By the next evening, we loaded into Mojo's in Jamestown, NY. Despite the fact that it was a tiny bar with a makeshift stage region, the crowd was ferocious. Crowd surfing. In a 12x12 floor space. In the heat of it all, someone managed to spill a beer all over the Alesis. That, I suppose, is a sign of a great show.

Next up was Rochester's Bug Jar. The bar had apparently had some issues with a fight and police reprimand for being over capacity a few night before, so when the bar started to fill up for the show, and people were still flooding in from the outside, they had to cut off attendance. There was a line of about 20 dedicated people who were forced to wait outside until some more people left. We were glad that the show was drawing a large crowd, but felt bad for those who couldn't make it in right away. Things seemed to work out though. The show was awesome, and threw the band some obstacles with a faulty violin amp and a broken cello string late in the set. Wes put it best: "Sorry we got so much broke-ass shit." But I don't think anyone minded. The room was was full of positive energy from start to finish.

Syracuse started as an early morning, loading into the large-scale, outdoor-field show at 11:00 and immediate sound check. The event, "Juice Jam," is Syracuse University's beginning of the year kick-off concert; This year featuring Ra Ra Riot, Talib Kweli, and Bloc Party. Attendance was reported as the best in history for the event. All acts were great, and Bloc Party came out for their encore wearing makeshift towel-togas. I think they were slightly amused by the fact that they were playing for a mass of rowdy American college students. But not in a bad way. At least not in a way so as to deter the lead guitarist from coming to the after show house party. He was there. Girls flocking him and all.

Ohio stuff to come. 'Till then.


  1. I'm actually applying to grad school at Syracuse. Just a year too late I guess.

  2. I was enjoying everything & then I see Rezak in that Ra Ra shirt and I started cracking the eff up. Lord, I miss that man.

    Some of your pictures are really beautiful. I have a good idea. Ask me about it later.

  3. oh also, i linked to one of your pictures on my blog. i hope that's ok.


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